Legislative Alerts and Updates
 State Legislative:
Alabama - AL: You can help dogs in puppy mills today.
Arizona - AZ residents: Please speak up to help cats.
Georgia - GA: We are almost there! SB 184 passed the Senate because of your actions.
Louisiana - LA: Please take action to protect dogs in puppy mills.
Massachusetts - MA: Please take action to protect pets and consumers.
Maine - ME: You can help stop the cruelty of puppy mills today
Michigan - MI: Breed discrimination rips families apart.
North Carolina - NC: You can help dogs in puppy mills today
New York - NY: Support S 2773/A 2846 to help shed sunlight on the shelter system.
New York - NY: Ask your state assemblymember and senator to support A3696/S487 to prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against breeds of dogs.
Oregon - OR: It's time to expand pet store regulations to include dog rentals.
Rhode Island - RI: Tell the House Committee on Health, Education and Welfare that fight bust victims deserve a chance.
Connecticut - CT: Take action to end breed-based discrimination in the insurance industry.
Rhode Island - RI: Say no to breed discrimination in our state!
Georgia - GA: Tell your state representative and senator that there's no such thing as a "bad breed."
Texas - TX: Help us stop the needless killing of dogs.
Illinois - IL: Madison County residents, please take action to save community cats.
Texas - TX: Support transparency in Texas animal shelters.
Kansas - KS: Tell Salina's elected officials that there's no such thing as a bad breed of dog.
Rhode Island - RI: Contact the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell them to support SB 347.
California - Long Beach, CA residents: You did it!
Ohio - OH: Tell the "Newark 6" that their vote was wrong for Newark and wrong for Ohio.
Michigan - MI: Help save a heroic dog.
New York - NY residents: Please speak up to help companion animals.
Iowa - IA: Help Iowa dogs!
North Dakota - ND: Take action to repeal Minot's breed-discriminatory ordinance
 Smart Alert:
GA: SB 184 assigned to Governmental Affairs Committee.
TX: Help save dogs in the Lone Star State
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