Legislative Alerts and Updates
 State Legislative:
Arizona - AZ: Support S 1292 to keep the government from regulating my pet dog.
Connecticut - CT: Tell your state representative and senator to support H 5361.
Kentucky - KY: Ask your state senator to support S 124 to protect responsible dog owners' rights.
Maine - ME: You can help stop the cruelty of puppy mills today
New York - NY: Support S 2773/A 2846 to help shed sunlight on the shelter system.
New York - NY: Ask your state assemblymember and senator to support A3696/S487 to prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against breeds of dogs.
Rhode Island - RI: All dogs deserve a chance. Help save the lives of the victims of dog fighting.
Wyoming - WY residents: Please speak up to help cats.
Virginia - VA: We're almost there! We can put an end to roadside dog and cat sales.
Kentucky - KY: Help stop breed discrimination.
California - Long Beach, CA Residents: You can help stop the cruelty of puppy and kitten mills today.
Maryland - MD residents: Please speak up to help cats and good Samaritans.
New York - NY residents: Please speak up to help companion animals.
Iowa - IA: Help Iowa dogs!
North Dakota - ND: Take action to repeal Minot's breed-discriminatory ordinance
Missouri - MO: Take action to repeal Springfield's breed-discriminatory ordinance.
Arizona - Tucson Residents: You Can Help Stop the Cruelty of Puppy Mills Today
 Smart Alert:
CT: Help end breed discrimination in your insurance policies today. Support HB 5361.
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